visual arts

At St. Joseph’s Private Episcopal Academy, our Visual Arts class is a hands-on program that seeks to nurture and develop the students’ creative potential. Students are introduced to a variety of artists, and their styles, to stimulate an understanding and awareness of visual imagery that surrounds us today and throughout history. The classes provide experiential learning that empowers students to develop confidence and skills to express themselves creatively. At Saint Joseph's Private Episcopal Academy, a wide range of mediums are introduced to foster two- and three-dimensional skills that range from pencils, markers, and pastels to paint, clay, and recycled objects.

Early Childhood Academy: Pre-Kindergarten

Our Early Childhood Academy Art provides students with many ideas for creative activities that can be introduced to children as fun, hands-on learning experiences. Each activity provides an opportunity for independent class work while improving skills that are vital to the development of preschoolers. Artistic mediums used include: clay or Model Magic, safety scissors, paint, and manipulatives.

Early Childhood Academy: Junior Kindergarten

The Visual Arts program teaches art concepts and skills through an experiential approach. Our Private Academy Students will be introduced to the elements and principles of design. The differences in the shapes and forms, the differences of light (colors) and dark (shadow), lines, colors (primary/ secondary/tertiary), texture, balance, symmetry, and space are covered.


Kindergarten enjoys being creative as work with paper maché, crayons, markers, paints, and clay is explored.

Elementary School

Students are exposed to famous art works and styles to develop a vocabulary of art, while honing skills and techniques with a variety of art materials. Creativity and personal expression is encouraged.

Middle School

Students at St. Joseph’s Private Episcopal Academy express themselves through art while honing skills and techniques with a variety of art materials. The fine craftsmanship, art history and culture, creative expression and aesthetic perception are covered.