Parents' Organization

The Parents' Organization (PO) is one of the backbones of Saint Joseph’s Episcopal School. It comprises all parents at our School, from those with students in the our Early Childhood Academy and students in PK through Eighth Grade.

  • The PO provides room parents and volunteers for School events and activities.

  • Room parents collect fees for parties and funds for Auction baskets/projects at the beginning of each year.

  • Room parents call parents in case of school closures or emergencies.

  • The PO sponsors the Jaguar Fund campaign, the year-round Uniform Exchange program, and the Auction; it promotes the School in every possible way.

  • The biggest PO fundraising event of the School year is the Jaguar Fund.

Opportunities to Volunteer

At Saint Joseph's Episcopal School, we love for parents to be part of the work we do for children. Opportunities abound for volunteering, such as the following: helping with our Back to School Barbecue, ice cream sales on Fridays, chaperoning field trips with your child(ren)’s classes, working as a room parent, helping Jennifer Williams in the Whitney Library, serving as a Coach or Assistant Coach of one of our athletic teams, and working on the Auction committee. Everything we do benefits our students.

A summary of ways you can volunteer to help Saint Joseph’s:

  • Read aloud to a child or a group;

  • Chaperon or drive on a field trip;

  • Sew costumes for the Academy of the Arts;

  • Represent us in the community;

  • Address envelopes for the Jaguar Fund;

  • Help with Box Tops for Education; and,

  • Work at the Book Fairs, Auction, LAPS for Saint Joe’s, student events, ice cream sales, and Grandparents’ and Special Friends' Day

2017-2018 Parent Organization Board:

Kim Webb, President

Kelly Alexander, Vice President

Colette Turner, Secretary

Jennifer Pisciotto, Treasurer

Parent Organization Meeting Dates:

All meetings are scheduled on a Thursday at 8:05 a.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room (next to the Library) on the dates listed below:

  • September 21st

  • October 19th

  • November 30th

  • January 18th

  • February 8th

  • March 8th

  • April 12th

  • May 17th (Off-Campus/Volunteer Breakfast)

Parent Organization Newsletters:

September 2017

October 2017

February 2018

May 2018