More Technology is Coming to SJES!

Thanks to two very generous benefactors, additional technology will benefit students earlier than expected.

  • Miss Abby and Mrs. Fellowes have ordered interactive projectors--like their neighbors in PK! (JK is pictured above, showing their excitement!)
  • Señora Jirón’s Middle School Spanish classroom will have an interactive projector, as well. This will benefit students in Grades Three through Eight.
  • Mrs. Williams will order a new LCD flat screen TV for the Whitney Media Center.

With new hardware/equipment, every classroom on campus will have enhanced technology. Aside from projectors, teachers (Miss MacPhee, Pastor Lynne, and Mrs. Jacobs) are utilizing televisions to project content from computers for students to interact with and view. In-house training occurs between colleagues, allowing for collaboration across divisions.

As you can see, we are enthusiastic to integrate even more technology into our school—ahead of schedule!