The guidance curriculum was developed to provide classroom lessons to help children learn the skills needed to feel good about themselves and about their relationship with others. To this end, we have developed monthly lesson plans to address a variety of character building topics. Each lesson is presented through the use of age-appropriate activities and discussions. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.

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September: All About Me

  • Students are given the opportunity to better know themselves and other.

October: Bullying Awareness

  • This unit focuses on bullying in all of its forms, along with tools to defend against it.

November: Communication Skills

  • Communication styles are introduced, along with listening skills, conversational skills, and non-verbal communication.

December: Feelings

  • The foundation of this unit is to provide students with the tools necessary to identify and manage feelings in healthy and productive ways.

January: Interpersonal Skills

  • Students are exposed to skills needed to navigate various relationships, tools, for effective conflict resolution, and the opportunity to practice those skills.

February: Diversity

  • This unit focuses on the importance of respecting differences and treating one another with dignity.

March: Empathy/Perspective

  • Students build on the foundation of diversity by exploring the feelings of others and learning to respect different perspectives.

April: Responsibility

  • The importance of the choices we make and the consequences that may follow are focused upon throughout this unit. Students are also given the tools needed for organization and time management.

May: Coping Skills

  • Our goal is to foster positive coping strategies through the use of stress management techniques.