Financial Assistance

Many deserving students would not be able to attend Saint Joseph's without financial assistance. It is essential to the success of the program that families in receipt of Financial Aid monies realize the importance and privilege it affords them. All families are expected to:

  • Keep all information about Financial Aid and about the amount awarded confidential; awards may be withdrawn for failure to comply;

  • Assist with one or more of the School’s major fundraisers;

  • Actively support and donate to the Jaguar Fund; and,

  • Assure student participation in athletic programs, arts programs, School activities, and School events.

All application forms, tax information, and other related paperwork are held in the strictest confidence. We feel that the success of our Financial Aid program depends on the confidentiality of financial information.

Saint Joseph’sEpiscopal School uses the FACTS Financial Aid Assessment System when working with families in need of tuition support. After contacting our Director of Admissions, Mary Aperavich, we encourage families to click on the link below, create a username and password, and begin the application process. Once that is complete, Mrs. Aperavich will be in touch to discuss your FACTS results. There is a processing fee of $30.00 that must be paid directly to FACTS.

Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office if you have additional questions at (561) 732-2045 or