The growth of Saint Joseph’s Private Episcopal School is very important, and the endowment fund is one of the school’s priorities. With a larger endowment, Saint Joseph’s private academy has greater flexibility and ability to attract and retain the best and brightest students and faculty, as well as provide grant assistance to qualified students whose families are unable to afford full tuition.

Endowment funds support a variety of programs, including: scholarship, academic chairs, professional development, academic programming, facilities, and many other needs that fall within the mission of continuing to grow Saint Joseph’s Episcopal School.

Endowment funds are invested and the interest earned from this fund is used to support the programs listed above. As the School’s Endowment grows, so do the funds available to fulfill Saint Joseph’s Episcopal mission and continue to enhance its operations to provide the best possible opportunities for our students and faculty.

Tribute or Memorial Gifts are also gifts to the Endowment. A gift to Saint Joseph’s Endowment Fund is a special way to honor a friend or family member. Your donation may take the form of a tribute celebrating a special occasion or achievement, or it may be a memorial. Tribute and memorial gifts provide valuable support for the School. Gifts of this kind not only honor the recipient but also inspire others to support Saint Joseph’s Private Episcopal Academy in the same way.